Friday, August 01, 2014


I got a chance to visit the San Diego Zoo while I was attending Comic-con this year.  The Koala exhibit they had was absolutely spectacular. It looked like each Koala had his own little tree top condo with all the eucalyptus they could ever want along with some nice comfy resting spots (they sleepytime Champions!). They even had cooling mist stations to beat the heat. Super cool and a well thought out exhibit.

Koalas are one of those animals where it's understood that they are cute and fuzzy, but man I haven't seen a koala in person for a while now. They are RIDICULOUS cute. Covered in fuzz and sleeeeepy little tufts of straight eucalyptus nibbling adorableness. I HAD to sketch these guys. I didn't get to do these at the zoo but went to town at a friends house this week drawing Koalas!

*The black rhino was the zoo's re-entry stamp for the day. 

Thanks for taking a peek and enjoy the day,


Robin said...

I bought your Robin print at comic con. I was wondering if you could do a manatee print or sketch??

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