Thursday, June 12, 2014

Giant Salamander (Andrias japonicus)

Watched a neat show about these guys at friends house a bit ago. Finally got around to tossing him in to the sketchbook this week. 

They are super neat GINOURMOUS nocturnal amphibians. Totally a  living relic form the Upper Jurassic period that can grow up to 5 feet in length. They are born with gills, and as they mature the gills disappear.  The rest of their adult life is spent gill-less and breathing through their skin. Apparently when these guys get spooked they excrete a super stinky milky substance that smells like pepper. Wow! Describing them sounds like a series of insults. You aint nothin but a big, beady-eyed, slimy, skin breathin', night walkin', pepper smellin' chump! hahaha. 

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rushessay plagiarism said...

seems scary little thing i hope it does not hurt the way where are they found??hope to get more stuff about that reptile like creature!INTERSTING ONE!