Friday, March 28, 2014

National Park Sketches

Here are some sketches from our last couple visits to National Parks. 

My wife and I have kind of made it a mission to try and hit up at least one National Park a year. Last year we hit up Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky and this year we had an amazing weeklong romp through Big Bend National Park in southern Texas. Both were amazingly gorgeous in completely different ways.  

The Red-bellied Woodpecker's (Melanerpes carolinuswere everywhere we went while walking outside of Mammoth Cave. Soooo many of these adorable little buggers. *note: this guy was painted from a reference photo. Original Photo by Gil Eckrich

The sunsets at Big Bend National Park redefined what a beautiful sunset was for me. Never have I seen so much sky riddled with such rich color over what to me looked like an otherworldly landscape. The best part is it's not another's live on too can see this awesomeness. I love living on this rock! This was my poor attempt to try and capture this experience. 

Lastly I drew up some of the cacti we ran into (literally) all over Big Bend. Prickly Pear and Purple Prickly Pear. As beautiful as the park was. The landscape was rugged. Everything had teeth and everything wanted to take a bite out of us, but those Purple Prickly Pears were cuties for sure. 

The variety of landscapes, flora and fauna in this country are spectacular and absolutely worth exploring and enjoying. These are YOUR parks...get out there and see for yourself how awesome this place is. 

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