Friday, March 07, 2014

African Painted Dog (Lycaon pictus) Finished

Finished up the African Painted Dog T-shirt Design this week. Had so much fun painting these guys up. Subconsciously ended up having these dogs look a little like myself. Beard...bad teeth and all. haha. Included a little close up one of my favorites one of the bunch. He's so pleased! I'm super excited to see them printed up. Crossing my fingers that they print well.  


Julie Vazquez said...

I want one of these shirts!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

Horsepuppy said...

Aw Thanks a bunch Julie! Still waiting to hear how many they are going to print up. Let me know what size for sure though. (email me) Miss you guys.

Bob Renzas said...

Aw. Yeah. Man.