Thursday, October 31, 2013

INKtober Day 31

#Inktober Day 31!!! 31 Days...31 Ink drawings. What a great experience this was. Learned a ton taking on this challenge for sure and yoooo was it challenging. Tough for me but really fun to work and play outside of my comfort zone. Huge thanks to Ryan for bringing this whole INKtober thing to my attention, cranking some of these out with me during lunches at work, and inking some incredible monsters. You rock dude. A humongous thanks to everyone who took some time out of their day to check these out and "like", comment, offer words of support, critique or just say "nice dude". Seriously can't express how much that helped motivate me to keep at this.  The sharing part was a major component of this experience. Good or bad they were going to get posted by the end of the night and accepting that i'm not going to create 31 masterpieces was pretty huge for me. Just draw, ink, post and move on. Thanks again for clicking through these daily posts and now it's on to the next adventure. 

INKtober Day 30

#INKtober Day 30 "Bea Anther"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

INKtober Day 29

#INKtober Day 29 "Some Soop" I'm rocking a pretty nasty cold right now. So close to the end of INKtober and I'm feeling pretty lousy. Boo. Pretty much forced myself to squeak this one out tonight. This plump little Tapir is feeling my pain. Stuffy snout and all.  A little soup and some rest is just what the doctor ordered. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

INKtober Day 24

#INKtober Day 24 "Bottom of the Bag" Only 7 days until the the end of INKtober. Getting down to the crumbs at the bottom of the bag here... evident in some of the craptacular drawings that I fought myself to post lately. But that's what this month has been all about for me. Good, bad, or ugly as long as I somehow get to 31 ink drawings by the end of the month it's all candy and unicorns.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

INKtober Day 23

#INKtober Day 23 "Things Toot has eaten or attempted to eat" My friends 3 legged deaf bull terrier is like a shark...he bites anything that remotely resembles food and worries about it later. He makes up for it with ridiculous adorableness. Sorry about the quality of this entry. My brush pen got crazy bleedy again. That and sleep deprivation are my excuses du jour for tonights drawing fiasco. Good, bad or ugly I'm desperately trying to ink something every night. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

INKtober Day 22

#INKtober day 22 "Ponderosa" Went to my first "Ponderosa Steakhouse" tonight. This is pretty much what I turned into during my short visit. 

INKtober Day 21

INKtober Day 21 "Chitterlings" Saw American Black Vultures for the first time this weekend...figured I'd sneak one into this months INKtober. Had to do this one pretty quick. Not my favorite of the bunch but good or bad I gotta keep drawing. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

INKtober Day 19

#INKtober Day 19 "Miniature Donkey in Cotton Candy Forest" I came across a field filled with miniature donkey's in Kentucky this afternoon. Beyond Adorable little guys and gals.  I'm convinced their diet consists entirely of Cotton Candy. 

INKtober Day 18

#INKtober Day 18. "Pancakes!" Had a crazy long day at work and decided to try and race through this drawing tonight. Bad idea! My brush pen was extra bleedy for some reason too. It's not the prettiest of the bunch but it's something. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

INKtober Day 17

#INKtober Day 17 "Tamandua Trolling for Treats" I was lucky enough to get to feed one of these little guys at the zoo recently. They are ridiculously adorable...and extra stinky. The little lady's name was "Pearl" and she ate little worms out of our hands with her crazy weird tongue. She was such a sweetheart. 

INKtober Day 16

#INKtober day 16 "Struggle" ...Just crossed the halfway point into this 31 days of ink drawings.'s like a Walrus trying to eat corn on the cob...HARD to do. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

INKtober Day 14

#INKtober day 14 "Tea Time" Had a lot of fun with this piece. Really fun just playing with line and shapes. A lot of lessons learned working on this one. Mainly it is REALLY hard for me to commit brush pen to paper when I know I'm not going to spend time adding little details. High five to all you inkers out there. RESPECT! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

INKtober Day 13

#INKtober Day 13 "Rana catesbeiana" I just learned that American Bullfrogs will eat anything that fits in it's mouth. Insects, rodents, fish, birds, and even other bullfrogs. I'm surprised and not surprised at the same time. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

INKtober Day 12

#INKtober Day 12 "Bo Derek's Leg" Can't make a "Jaws" referenced piece without giving the 1977 classic "Orca" some love. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

INKtober Day 10

#INKtober Day 10 "...from southern waters" Low on time tonight so I threw this guy together pretty quick. Been watching Jaws a bunch lately.  That poor tiger shark never ate the Kitner boy. :(

INKtober Day 9

#INKtober Day 9 "Dining with Sasquatch"

Monday, October 07, 2013

INKtober Day 7

#INKtober day 7. "C'mon let's get NUTS" Decided to try and loosen up and just go "bananas" with the brush pen after a busy Monday. Not sure how I feel about this guy. It's pretty sloppy... but it was fun to just cut loose and not worry so much about laying down lines. Failing is a good thing sometimes. It helps me learn. 

Sunday, October 06, 2013

INKtober Day 6

#INKtober Day 6. Here's one of my cats "General Bonkers" doing what he does best...eating spiders. We've seen him do it a bunch of times. It's kinda gross but incredibly helpful. He also is an amazing source of stray black hairs and pet dander. No matter how much he cleans himself and we wash him he always looks incredibly dusty. He came free when we adopted Miss Chiquita. haha. I love this cat so damn much. Gimpy eye and all!

Friday, October 04, 2013

INKtober Day 4

Day 4 of #INKtober. "I Haz a Broccoli...and Secrets" I'm trying to keep all of these 5x7 all in Pocket Brush Pen. We'll see how long I hold out.  haha. On one hand I think it will be really fun to have them all relatively unified by the end of the month but part of me really wants to experiment with different techniques of laying down ink since I rarely work in it. 

Thursday, October 03, 2013

INKtober Day 3

Day 3 of #INKtober. "A Whirlwind of Flavor" This guy was a request from a buddy of mine and phenomenal Illustrator Ryan Bowlin. Every morning I stop at my local gas station to pick up a cup of coffee before my commute. The place plays gospel music all morning cranked up to 11 and sells these highly addictive and horribly bad for you hot breakfast wraps called Tornados.  They are like the Gobots version of 7-11's Go Go Taquitos.  Convenient little toasty rolls of breakfast mush packed with "A Whirlwind of Flavor" according to wrapper. haha. He requested that my next illustration be a guy "getting down on a tornado"....Challenge Accepted!

INKtober Day 2

Day 2 of #INKtober a Leech drinking a Latte. Chai Latte of course. He likes a little spice in his morning cup. I'm thinking from here on out it's going to be creatures eating and drinking. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

INKtober Day 1

A buddy at work turned me on to INKtober this week. 1 Ink drawing a day for the month of October. A super fun challenge for me and any other artists interested in participating. I'm super excited to work these out and to see what everyone else comes up with. First up is this little apprehensive guy. #inktober