Thursday, August 09, 2012

Bison on the Brain

Just got back from 4 weeks of serious travel. San Diego Comic Con was a blast! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and took a print or bird home with them. A huge thanks to the amazing artists/friends I got to share a table with this year. You guys rule and inspire me daily. 

I got back to chi-town just to head east to tend to some family matters and spend some quality time with my adorable little grandmother. She's a sweetie!  Once I got back to the Midwest again I rolled west to help some friends move to Colorado.  I Seriously fell in love with the landscape out there. I ended up taking the long way home with a couple stop offs in South Dakota. The Badlands are badass! Gotta find an excuse to head that direction again. I didn't see any bison this trip but I did have a bunch in my sketchbook from when I was working on the bison button. Maybe next trip I can draw some in the field.

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