Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Turkey Vulture Sketch

So my wife got me into bird watching some years ago. We've seen our fair share of goodies over the past couple of years . So I decided to start drawing these guys up one at a time. First one on the list...ye' ole nasty carrion munching Turkey Vulture. It's a work in progress...can't wait to finish this guy up and move on to the next.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Rupert the Cat

Rupert was a cat I had for 11 years. I found him in a dumpster in Chicago. He was in a closed cardboard cat carrier with the name "Rupert" written on it. The little guy was pretty gnarly looking and I was pretty sure he wouldn't last too long. Lots of vet visits and lots of love let him live a happy and healthy 11 years under our watch. This is the first of many illustrations I'll be working on to tell his back story of what his life was like before he made it to the big city. He was a one of a kind mysterious forest cat that I'm honored to have the luxury of living with as long as I did.